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Webflow developer application

Hey there πŸ‘‹.
We're Div Blocks Studioβ€”we design and build visually appealing and optimized Webflow Websites for Startups and VC funds.
We are looking for a reliable Middle/Senior Webflow developer with an eye on design to join our team on a per-project or hourly basis at the start, with the potential to transition to part-time or full-time employment.

We expect you:

● Can take full responsibility and ownership for project;
● Follow Finsweet Client-first guidelines;
● Have experience with building complex CMS;
● Know how to optimize Webflow websites for Google Lighthouse;
● Familiar with HTML, CSS, JS knowledge;
● Have used Finsweet attributes, Jetboost or similar integrations;
● Able to communicate in English both verbally and via text in Slack;
● Able to deliver pixel perfect responsive design;
● Able to estimate turnaround time per page/project/task;
● Ability to work on a variety of projects simultaneously;
● Have experience with Webflow's animations and interactions;
● You know how to use semantic tags (Header, Footer, Nav, Section, etc..)

Bonus points if you:

● Know how to use Lottie;
● Experienced with Integrations (Make, Zapier, Whalesync)
● Have design background;
● Experienced with integrating JS libraries, e.x. Swiper JS;
● Experienced building complex, multi-page SaaS websites.