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Lido Collaboration Requests/Proposals

Use this form to submit proposals for partnerships that will be looked at and reviewed by Lido's BD, reWARDS or Marketing contributors depending on the scope. Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis.
1. Any collaboration with currently unaudited projects won't be accepted. If this is the case, please don't submit a proposal and circle back once audited (and any vulnerabilities found fixed).
2. After submitting this form, if there is interest in exploring more, contributors will reach back out to you via discord or telegram. Due to the sheer amount of inbound, it is possible we won't reply to all proposals. If that is the case, consider it wasn't a fit at the moment.
Project Name:
Chain(s) (if applicable):
Your name and role:
Telegram contact:
Two phrases on what the project/company is/does: *


What is the nature of the proposal?

What is the nature of the proposal?