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Code 4 Tomorrow - Marketing Internship Application

Hey there!
Are you interested in learning about social media marketing in business? Would you like to join Code 4 Tomorrow's team without a long-term commitment? If so, join Code 4 Tomorrow's Marketing Internship! We are looking for 20 interns. This application closes on December 10th.

📝 Job Description:
The purpose of this internship is to supplement future marketers, graphic designers, and communications professionals in their understanding of advertising. While working with Code 4 Tomorrow, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that aims to provide free, quality STEM education to K-12 students, interns will be required to complete various evaluations and research projects in order to demonstrate progress throughout its three-month duration.
During this internship, you will be required to work in groups of two or more to find the most effective ways for our organization to advertise its class sessions, events, and volunteer opportunities so that we can continue to grow and make a large-scale impact worldwide. This includes doing research on social media, critiquing old posts, and the financial aspects of advertising outside of social media.
While doing this research, you will also receive mentorship in resume writing and building, networking, public speaking, giving pitches, and graphic designing. You will also get the opportunity to learn from some of our current and past directors and leads who have studied business and media arts for years.
Progress will be evaluated every two weeks during meetings where you may be asked to present on the spot or prepared material and answer self-reflective questions. You will also receive peer evaluations and we will be looking for increased professionalism as you work with our social media team and other members of C4T who have volunteered their time to help train you.
Learn more about us: 🏆 Benefits:
- Top three interns will be allowed to be full-time members of C4T's Social Media project, without an application or interview
- Volunteer hours can be earned. Additionally, we can provide the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) if you are eligible - Letters of recommendation upon request - LinkedIn endorsements - Awesome experience to add to resumes/applications
For more information about this internship, email