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Nominate Someone for the Team of Ten

The short story: the B2B Power Hour started as a collaboration between a marketer (Morgan) and a seller (Nick) to figure out what works in modern sales & marketing. As the show grew, we began to really focus on helping salespeople who are responsible for generating pipeline. We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary in 2023 – and we thought it was about time to add some new voices to the mix!

We're gathering a Team of Ten to add new perspectives and support. This team will help answer questions from the audience, create resources, and be a part of an extraordinary team.
We're looking for:
(1) Someone with at least some footprint and audience on LinkedIn.
(2) Someone who is a seller or has supported sellers successfully generate pipeline within the past 12 months. Think great managers and enablement leaders alongside SDRs, full cycle AEs, and so on.
(3) A boxing coach, not an armchair philosopher. They stay close to what’s practical, applicable, and useful. They know what the punch feels like - and want to help others deal with it.
(4) Someone who takes responsibility and gives credit. They rise to the challenge and take lead, regardless of title. They say yes to the things that excite them and don’t wait for permission or an assignment. They offer others a chance to shine and readily recognize and celebrate others in the journey.
(5) Someone who's a generous steward, not a brilliant jerk. There are enough experts in the world. We favor the generous, compassionate leader who can guide someone and encourage them with wisdom from their own journey. Not by being the asshole who knows better.
(6) Lastly: someone who is just real. They dislike words like "stuffy," "professional," or "on-brand." They keep it real in order to keep it credible. They want to build trust, show up with good intentions, and help people - no formal wear required.