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ProBots 2024 - Season 1: ProBots vs Humans Replays

Submit Your Replays To Be Casted At The Finals

StarCraft 2 keeps a record of Replays played in the folder called “Multiplayer” your replays will be located there!
To get there navigate to your StarCraft 2 replay folder located in your Windows Documents, by default will look like this:
C:\Users\<Windows Profile Name>\Documents\StarCraft II\Replays\Multiplayer
The Games against the bots will look like [Map Name] AIE.SC2Replay
Rename the Replays to Following: PlayerName_BotName_[Map Name] AIE.SC2Replay

Submit Replays

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Please zip your all your replays together and submit it below (how do I zip files? )

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Thanks For Playing The Bots!