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"Rafter Snap" Submission

Please read before continuing:

A "Rafter Snap" features a written interview with a member of The Raft, my online community. It enables Rafters to get better acquainted with, and be inspired by, one another. One "Snap" is generally published monthly on The Raft as part of the Staying Power newsletter.
► To submit a "Rafter Snap" via this form, you must belong to The Raft.
► My selection each month of a "Rafter Snap" from the pool of submissions is random. I can't say when or if your "Snap" will be published. But I'm sure you're enjoy, and gain clarity from, responding to the questions!

How it works:

Complete and submit this written interview. On open-ended questions, try to limit your answer to a paragraph or two due to space constraints.
► Throughout this interview, define "creativity" in any way you choose.
► After submitting your "Snap," please let go of your kind act. Due to the high volume of email I receive, I can't send status updates regarding submissions.
I reserve the right to lightly edit your responses for length and readability and to use only clear, appropriate photographs. I will only publish content that is consistent with the kindhearted aims of The Raft community.
Your interview will remain in the pool of submissions for one year, after which time I'll consider it out-of-date.
Thanks so much for participating! Keep making and living from your true spot. I appreciate you!