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Sell your newsletter

Tiny Square is the marketplace where small newsletters get a new life and continue adding value to their readers' lives! Use this form to add your newsletter to the marketplace.

Public Info

This information will be visible to everyone visiting the site. The name of your newsletter and your contact information are hidden on the public site.

What is your newsletter about?

What are you writing about, and who are you writing for? Also, explain the format (curated, long-form etc.)

How many subscribers do you currently have?

When was the last time you sent an email to the list?

It doesn't have to be the exact date, but the right month.

What was the Open Rate % for your last email?

What's the average click-through-rate?

If any, what is your asking price?

Feel free to leave this blank and work it out with the buyer. For lists that have been dormant for longer, $0,5-$1 per subscriber is a good starting point. If the newsletter has been active more recently, $1,5-$3 is possible.

Private information

Your contact information will only be visible to me; I'll forward every request to you. The name and URL will be available to buyers paying a small fee to access the full list. This will weed out the tire kickers.

What's your name?

What's your email address?

Name of your newsletter?

URL to your newsletter landing page

(Optional, but will increase offers and valuation) Upload a screenshot of your dashboard showing the number of subscribers, Open Rate, and Click-through Rate.