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MC²Fi - General Referrals

📍Hey there! Thanks for your interest in MC²Finance, a non-custodial & multichain platform that decentralizes Web3 copy trading (learn more here).

We want to keep track of your efforts to grow the community! If you´d like to introduce us to a potential partner (DEX, Chain, Grant Manager etc), please fill out this form.

We will evaluate it and take it into account as we build the upcoming bonus program. Please note an introduction itself does not qualify for a bonus, but rather the outcome of the partnership.

Please only fill one form per referral, and do not refer yourself. If you´d like to talk to us directly please have a look at: ⭐ Ambassadors ⭐ Traders ⭐ DEX Partnerships

This should only take 5 minutes of your time.

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You´d like to make an official intro to:

You´d like to make an official intro to:

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Their Telegram handle/Discord handle/Email

Link to the Telegram Intro Group/Discord invite link

We prefer to have a group chat with the person, so we can make sure we got properly introduced.

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We can only reward introductions that have been added here. If you already invited one of our team members directly on telegram, please still fill out this form so we can reward you correctly. More information about the bonus program will come soon.