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Superb Owl 2024

[update: now closed!]
🏈 Super Bowl?
Sure, that's cool.
🦉But what about Superb*Owl*????
Even better.
Have you ever wanted a second pair of eyes on your website?
How about expert feedback on your onboarding?

Welcome to Superb Owl 2024, the competition no one asked for but everyone needs.

Strange Birds, a copywriting and content design duo, is teaming up with Knurture, a graphic design and UX duo.
For a limited time, we're offering free 10-minute in-depth video reviews of your website or user onboarding flow.
But wait... didn't you say 'competition'??? 👀
Why yes, yes we did.
Anna (Strange Birds) and Anthony (Knurture) are marketing experts in copywriting and design.
Janel (Strange Birds) and Katie (Knurture) are in-product experts in content design and UX.
And we're going head to head.

There are 22 spots total, all free.

11 spots for a website review. [Update: MARKETING WON! NONE LEFT]
11 spots for an onboarding review.
Whichever team gets to the... goal line? Finish line? Touchdown? (we do sportsketball here real well) first wins.
Choose wisely.
The team you choose will record a 10-minute, in-depth video with personalized actionable advice on how to improve it...
... while wearing bird masks. #becausewhynot
Let's fly.

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