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Spotlighting Women in Science

Yes, we're well aware that despite comprising half of the global population, women remain significantly underrepresented in science and engineering fields.

More so, this gap alarmingly widens in the specialized realm of HPC. This disparity represents more than just numbers; it's a missed opportunity for diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and potential breakthroughs that only a fully inclusive scientific community can provide.

Unfortunately, the DT-GEO Equality Committee alone cannot change this overnight. However, we are committed to highlighting the invaluable contributions of women in science whose work has not only made a significant impact but also offered assistance and truly merits recognition.

Here's where you come in! We invite you to participate in our brief survey and share your stories about female scientific pioneers whose work deserves applause, both within and outside the project, whether you meet them in person or not. Your contributions will not only honor these trailblazers but also inspire others.

Let's shine a light on these achievements. Write, share, and help us generate a buzz that resonates

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Can you share a story or information about a woman in science whose work has significantly impacted you or the field?

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