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ECCS Family Leadership Group

We are seeking the expert help of parenting adults who have young children.

Thank you for applying to be part of the SD Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) Family Leadership Group. Members will be chosen from families who have received early childhood services (WIC, Birth-3, Bright Start, Early Head Start, Responsive Parenting, etc) within the last five years or anyone parenting a child under five years of age. Members will be selected to be representative of the population served by South Dakota’s early childhood systems.
This workgroup is an important part of a 5-year federal grant held by the Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment (CPCM) at the USD School of Health Sciences. CPCM is working with several state and statewide partners on this grant that aims to increase collaboration and effectiveness of state and community-level systems serving families and young children, especially those up to 3 years-old.
Please read more about the expectations and role of the Family Leadership Group by clicking here.
The next few questions will be used to select 10 ECCS Family Leadership Group members. Only the ECCS Project Lead (Darla Biel) and ECCS Family Lead (Darbi Hunt) will see your answers. Thank you!