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Communications Responsible for managing all communications related to the event, including social media, videos/photos, and graphics.
Decoration + Stage Setup In charge of setting up the event space, including decorations and stage setup.
First Impressions Responsible for creating a warm and welcoming environment for attendees, including greeting and directing guests
General Help Available to assist with various tasks throughout the event, including setup, cleanup, and assisting other departments as needed.
Watch and entertain children ages 2-7 during the convention services.
Medical In charge of providing medical assistance and first aid to attendees in case of any medical emergencies during the event.
Park Food + Logistics Responsible for managing all logistics related to food and beverage service, including setup and clean up.
Registration Responsible for managing all aspects of attendee registration, including processing registrations, managing tickets, and providing support to attendees.
Security + Ushers Ensure the safety and smooth flow of attendees throughout the event.

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