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UPPERCASE 60: Colour Schemes & Colour Dreams

Does your heart go pitter-patter over beautiful colour combinations? Do you love playing with colour theory? Do you plan your craft, quilt, art, garments, graphic design or interior design using swatches and palettes?

Using paint, pigment, art supplies, yarns, thread, fabric, glazes, tiles or found objects, create a colour composition of 3-10 colours that expresses a favourite colour palette or one that inspires you. No digitally created colour palettes, please.

Photograph your colour scheme on a plain white background in good light.

It's OK if the white background looks a little grey in the resulting image; I can take care of colour corrections should your image be selected for publication in UPPERCASE issue #60 (Jan-Feb-March 2024).

Submit photographs only. No digital colour palettes.
This open call is just for arrangements of colour swatches only, please do not submit finished paintings or artwork. Please read the directions before submitting.

Visit this Pinterest board for examples of what I mean by photographs of colour schemes on white backgrounds.

Deadline to submit is October 4 at 5pm MDT.
Please proof all your information carefully. If you make an error in your email, then you won't receive news about your submission.
What appeals to you about this colour combination? How does it express your personality as an artist or creative person? What do you dream of creating with this colour palette? (150 words or less)
Upload up to 1-3 images of your composition. The file should be saved as a jpg at least 6 inches wide at 300dpi (bigger is better for print purposes), saved with your full name so that it matches exactly the name you've entered above. No composite images or watermarks, please.
Please click the following category button so that it turns blue. (leave it at "60 Colour Schemes" so that your submission goes to the correct category!)
Untitled multiple choice field
You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your submission was uploaded. UPPERCASE will notify submitters in November whether or not they will be published in issue #60. Thank you.