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🎙️Call for working group leads

⏱️Estimated completition time: 4min ➡️ Join us in our bottom-up approach by implementing participatory democracy and shaping the Blockchain Belgian government plan that will be given to the Belgian Governement and where you will be supported by FPS BOSA. As a workgroup lead, you'll have the power to influence decision-making and help create a more responsive and representative government.
Here's your chance to lead! Join our workgroup leads team and shape government policy in Belgium. 💡 Impactful possibilities as a workgroup lead: - Influence policy decisions and shape the future of society
- Develop innovative solutions to complex challenges
- Build valuable leadership skills and network with like-minded individuals
- Help create a more participatory democracy Make a real difference in the lives of citizens 🌟 Deadline: Wed. 22th March 2023 - 11.59pm.