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Hey 😀

Thanks for taking the time to write in. I'd really love to connect with you. But before you do, here are a few things to bear in mind --
> I keep really busy, running a startup has its perks but time isn't one of them. So leave behind a message and expect nothing. You'll be surprised.
> Short, direct, candid and catchy messages work the best. So let's do that.
With that aside,
I'm always on the lookout for the best creative folks to work with. If you are one, please add links to your existing work and social-handles.
Creative Folks -- Links to your social-handles + work.
I'm also always on the lookout for great founders, creators, executives and professionals (developers, products, editors). If you are one, please tell me about your work, your story (short but catchy) and how can I be of help.
Pro Folks -- Tell me about your work + your story.

💡 Links always help. Links trump words.