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Earn is Hard. Earn is Complex. Honest Protocol is Solving Earn.

It ain't much, but it's honest money

With Honest Protocol, we help you put your money to work.

Key features

Earn Vaults
Est. APR 10% to 30% Goal Passive Income
Investor Passive liquidity providers
Risk No liquidation risk.
Just like planting seeds in fertile soil, Earn Vaults are for passive liquidity providers who don’t want to actively manage their positions and simply want to earn steady rewards from their assets.
Leveraged Vaults
Est. APR 30% - 500% Goal Optimize Yield, 10x leverage
Investor Risk taker
Risk Higher Liquidation Risk
Sometimes, a farmer wants to take more risks for the chance of a higher reward. Leveraged Vaults are for users who are driven by ambition. They actively maximize their yields in top farms and understand that with calculated risk comes the potential for greater reward.