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Webflow Developer: Code Whisperer

Listen up, code jockeys. EXE.EYES is looking for a Webflow Developer with the guts to dive headfirst into the matrix of our digital landscape. We don't want another drone; we need a code warrior who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty in the trenches of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


• Proven experience wrangling Webflow, with a portfolio showcasing your web execution.
• Solid knowledge in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
• Responsive design? You eat it for breakfast.
• Detail-oriented? We prefer 'obsessed'.
• Ability to thrive in chaos.
• Familiarity with API Integrations and CMS.
• Proficient with Finsweet Client First. If you can handle this, you're definitely our kind of person.
• Knowledge in Wized would be a bonus. We like overachievers.
• Able to prioritize tasks effectively. We don't do queues; we do missions.

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