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(Work in progress) CityDAO Parcel Blanca: Apply for Whitelist

CityDAO is currently looking for individuals and partners that are passionate about building on Parcel Blanca and co-creating a community together with CityDAO. If you are looking to build on Parcel Blanca IRL that cultivates a community, we would love to hear from you!

Parcel Blanca

Lots 15&16, 11st Street, Blanca, Colorado, USA
Parcel Blanca consists of:
- 5 common areas (1600m2)
- 16 large plots (800m2)
- 12 small plots (256m2)
Due to the limited number of plots, we will be prioritizing those that are serious about building IRL for the whitelist application.
Please note that you or your organization will need to be able to legally lease land in the US in order to mint a plot on Parcel Blanca.

I am applying as:

I am applying as: