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Apply To Build an Investment Ready Startup Pre-Seed

3 Month Bitcoin Program You are applying to a challenging startup program because you have the champion spirit and aim to build an investment-ready startup on Bitcoin, find co-founders, and become the best founder you can be so that you can turn your startup into a valuable enterprise. Note: Your information will only be used for our internal purposes.

1. Are you aiming to build an investment-ready startup to raise pre-seed funding, find co-founders, and/or get into an accelerator?

2. Founder email address.

3. Founder full name.

4. Where did you learn about us?

5. Your Linkedin page. (Make sure your work history is updated. We are not able to process your application without your updated Linkedin. We are curious about your work experience and your entrepreneurial endeavors as an adult and even as a teenager if applicable.)

6. Twitter X page.

7. What's your favorite Bitcoin App? (This can also be an Ethereum or another Web3 application. If you don't have a favorite app yet, then type in "none yet".)

8. What do you wish you can do on Bitcoin, but can't yet?

9. Your Discord handle.

10. Phone number.

11. What's your strongest skill?

12. What's your second strongest skill?1

13. Can you attend class from 8 - 11am PT, Monday - Thursday?

14. During our 3 month program, how many hours can you invest into building an investment-ready startup per week?

15. How many co-founders are you applying with?

16. If you are applying with co-founders, share their completed Linkedin pages here. (Yes, they need to fill out the application form also.)

17. Name of your undergraduate/graduate university/college. (Fill this out even if you didn't graduate. If you never went to university, then type in "N/A".)

18. What did you major in university?

19. Are any of the founders covered by non-competes or intellectual property agreements that overlap with your project? Will any be working as employees or consultants for anyone else?

20. If you have code, was any of your code written by someone who is not one of your founders? If so, how can you safely use it? (Open source is ok of course.)

21. Mark all that are true:

21. Mark all that are true:

22. List the top 3 startup ideas that you want to make investment-ready to get pre-seed funding and get into an accelerator.