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Join the Foster Collective

Foster is a writing collective devoted to authentic and courageous expression. Our writers include essayists, editors, poets, journalists, technologists, fiction authors, and more. What binds us together is our devotion to expressing the truth of our experience, even when it’s scary, and even when it stands in opposition to cultural trends and narratives. As a collective, we believe that writing towards truth is a key piece of the puzzle for how we unfold as individuals, as communities, and as a civilization.

You can learn more about our collective, and where we’re headed, by reading The Book of Foster, which is being co-written and revised in real time by our members. Distilling Foster’s essence and philosophy is a years-long project, and the Book is the best place to stay up to date with it.

If you resonate with us, and want to join our collective, you’re invited to join one of our weekly Authoring Circles. These are artfully-crafted sessions for dropping into what feels most alive to you in the present moment, and writing from that place. Our facilitators play with meditation, somatic experiencing, breathwork, and more—all aimed at helping writers drop into deeper states of flow and authenticity. After a period of focused writing, we circle back and share our experience with the group, perhaps even reading something we’ve written. It’s an intimate process, designed to help you deepen into connection with yourself and a small group of kindred spirits, week after week.

Membership in Foster is free, but it requires a weekly commitment to an Authoring Circle. Every writer in our collective participates in this ritual. It’s the glue that binds us together. It’s the shared practice that helps us embody our values instead of intellectualizing them. No matter what, we come together once per week for 90 minutes, and write toward our truths, together.

If this path, and this practice, call to you, fill out the application below. You’ll jump on a call with one of us, and if it's a good fit, we’ll get you into a circle right away.

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What do you write about?

Examples: the pros of being a generalist in an ever-changing world or web3 and the future of media.

What excites you about joining Foster?

Example: I would love to make a commitment to my writing within a group of writers who care about quality and depth.

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