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No-Code Intern Application

As a No-Code Intern, you'll be a core part of our operations as we optimize our tech stack and launch new features. Nearly all of PlayTyme's web apps and product features are built with no-code and visual dev tools. So this is a great opportunity to gain experience in a fast-growing, kink-positive, and minority-owned company!
This is an unpaid internship; however, this will become a paid role as soon as our budget allows. Hours will range between 10-15 hours per week. This role requires a stable internet connection, a webcam & mic (for virtual meetings), and a base level understanding of automation tools (Integromat and/or Zapier).
Note: You are not required to provide your legal name or pronouns assigned at birth on this form. Please provide us with the name and pronouns you would like us to refer to you by.

๐Ÿ“ŒWe pay special attention to applications with a Loom video intro. However, traditional cover letters are also accepted.

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What are your pronouns?

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How did you hear about this job? (select all that apply)

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