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Sandblock Studios Marketplace Bedrock Developer

Hi, my name is Happy and welcome to this hiring form! Before appliying, please make sure you have read the job description and you have the requirements. If your applicatiion is missing one or several requirements, I am afraid you won't be receiving any answer. Want to know more about us ? ->

Job Description

What we ask for a bedrock developer is: - From a specification document, be able to develop the behavior of the entity/item/other
- From .bb files, be able to implement the models, textures and animations into the game
- Typical tasks are:
- Food items
- Weapons (melee or range attack)
- Armors
- Tools (can be a remote to activate an entity)
- Angry/neutral/passive entities (mobs, npc)
- Json UI
- Global game mechanisms
- Create particles
- Add sounds


Fix amount based on the workload + Bonus variable on the performance of the content


-Be at least 15 years old. -Having produced at least one bedrock add-on (not necessarly published on marketplace) -Able to sign an NDA -Meet deadlines (be able to provide a working time and an end date which will be respected according to specifications and a start date) -Suffisent free time -Creativity, Proactive -Team work
Strong knowledge in: -Molang -.mcfunction -json -Behavior and Resource packs overall
Knowledge in: -scripting -Blockbench (modeling, painting and animations) -Snowstorm (create particles)


First and Last name

Email address

Link to Portfolio

Discord ID


Are you self-employed / able to provide a SIREN or FTIN ?

It is required for us that you pay your own taxes to your country