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Homesick Mac's Guitar Retreat 2024

Group 1 between Friday-Sunday (July 19-21st 2024)
Group 2 between Monday-Wednesday (July 22-24th 2024)
Thank you for your interest in the Guitar Retreat! This is the annual year 12 of our gathering at the wonderful Island Of Ven in Sweden.
We are staying in bungalows at Backafallsbyn between 12pm on Friday until 3 pm on Sunday. This makes it a 3-day gathering with two overnight stays.
Please scroll all the way down for the prices of accommodation depending on your chosen option in this form.
The Retreat is held at a suitable room with air conditioning, and evening jams are held in the bungalows where we're staying.

Let's start with your personal details

Please observe that you are not obligating yourself to anything if you only choose the "Just curious" alternative below. We can then continue the conversation through email or on the phone, all until you decide if you'd like to come or not.

Are you booking?

Are you booking?

Please choose the group:

Please choose the group:

Please observe that you can still choose the "Group 1 or Group 2" even if you select this "Just Curious..." button.
You can also choose the "Booking Option" below.
That way we can book the preliminary stay, in case you finally book your spot.

How are you staying with us - your booking option:

How are you staying with us - your booking option:

Any specifications regarding food or allergies?

Anything else you're wondering about - please let me know?

Annotate here also if you are taking a guest with you. Your choice of room will apply to the guest as well.

The conditions & prices:
SEK 2.400:- (€215) is the tuition fee (incl. taxes/moms)
We are staying for two nights folks!
SEK 1.205/night (aprox. €107) shared bungalow - 4 people (2 per room)
SEK 1.405/night (aprox. €125) shared bungalow - 2 people (1 per room)
SEK 2.590/night (aprox. €230) you'll have the bungalow for yourself
Each bungalow has one bathroom, living room and refrigerator shared by all guests.
Breakfast, lunch and the famous Swedish "fika" (with coffee, tea, cakes, fruit) are included in all options above.
The overnight stay is paid to the venue - Backafallsbyn during the checkout after the Retreat
The tuition fee will be invoiced to all participants prior to the Retreat.
The total cost for the Guitar Retreat starts therefore from SEK 4.810:-

In the case of cancellation
Please observe that this addresses only the tuition fee that you pay to Homesick Mac.
Cancellation of your reserved spot can be done at no cost latest on May 19th 2024 which is two months prior to the Retreat. In the case you have already paid, we will issue a full refund.
If you cancel between May 19th - June 19th 2024 , we will invoice you for the 50% of the Retreat tuition fee.
In the unlikely case that you cancel closer than 30 days before the Retreat, we will have to invoice you (or keep the payment if you made one) for the full cost.
Please click on the button below to complete your registration or interest in the Guitar Retreat 2024