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HSBNE Reimbursement

We vastly prefer people use expense cards for purchases, however this is not always possible. This form is to request a reimbursement for an expense incurred personally for HSBNE. We need you to fill this out so that we have a record of all the information relating to the reimbursement, and we can track who has and has not been paid, produce documentation for the accounting system etc. Long gone are the days of throwing a crumpled receipt at the Treasurer!
Reimbursements are typically processed in bulk once a month, between the general meeting and end of month. This means you may wait up to 4 weeks. If you require that to be expedited please contact the executive team. If you have been missed somehow or waited longer than 4 weeks please let us know. Keep in mind its a volunteer organisation and the treasurer in particular tends to be inundated in emails and requests.

What is your full legal name?

What is the email you use to login to the HSBNE portal?

What amount are you seeking to be reimbursed?

How would you like to be reimbursed?

How would you like to be reimbursed?

What Budget Code does the Expense relate to?

- CAPEX budgets have their code in CAPEX Spreadsheet,
- OPEX and PETTY (Sometimes referred to as 'Discretionary') budgets for organisational units should be documented on their wiki page.
First letter is the budget type C/O/P, the date the budget was approved in Year Month Day, and a unique identifier code. ie:
- C20230106EXAMPLE, or

Please apply a category for the Expense

We need this to know what organisational units are spending what money.

Please describe the Expense

As much info as you can please, ie: Where the expense was approved, where you purchased from, on what date, for what amount. Any other circumstances that may apply or explain the reimbursement.

Upload a scan or image of your proof of expense

This can be a receipt of purchase, the bill you paid, etc. If you purchased something informally ala Facebook Marketplace and have no receipt, you can make an Invoice Payable where you are selling the item to HSBNE. PDF and image files preferred, if your proof is a webpage or email, please use the print to pdf function. We need all information of the purchase, so make sure the proof is complete. Pictures of partial documents does not help us. Pictures of the document on a computer screen as last resort please.

The type of proof I have provided is:

The type of proof I have provided is:

Other supporting documents:

Things like bank statements to prove the amount spent or anything else you feel is necessary to document the reimbursement. If you have provided the original purchase receipt or similar don't worry too much about this. It's mainly for situations where we don't have that clear documentation.

Please Sign to confirm.

All provided details in this form are true and accurate.