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PACS Clinic Assistant

PACS requires Clinic Assistants to be able to meet the needs of the island's animals: the position of Clinic Assistant varies from day to day, as we never know what animal/situation is going to come through our gates so you will need to be flexible. There are, however, also scheduled daily & weekly tasks which include:
- feeding
- walking dogs
- cleaning
- tick-picking
- giving treatment to ill or recovering animals
- assisting the nurse & patient restraint
- catching & transporting stray animals
- photography
- instrument scrubbing
And more as and when required!
The bottom line is that the comfort & happiness of our hospitalised and "in-house" animals is in your hands! Training is provided on arrival, and team support is available at all times, but Clinic Assistants are expected to become independent, responsible and proactive members of the PACS team.
We require a minimum of 3 months commitment and the rota is arranged on a pattern of 5 days on and 2 consecutive days off which may reduce to 4 days per week if we have 3 full time volunteers. If you are unable to commit to 3 months we may be able to accommodate you if we are short on volunteers so it’s always worth getting in touch.
This is a unique opportunity to make the most of your time abroad. You will:
- get to know the super intelligent and resilient Thai Dog
- involve yourself fully in the daily life of a Thai island and:
- become fully involved in the healing processes of our patients
- experience the immense satisfaction of a previously injured animal, returning home healthy, knowing you were a big part of their recovery process :)
Please email us to confirm your application & say hi at: [email protected]
IMPORTANT! Before you apply for a Clinic Assistant position, please be aware of the nature of the work you will be undertaking and the commitment you are making.
You will need to be prepared for the following on a daily basis:
- working in very hot and humid conditions
- getting very dirty and incredibly sweaty
- spending a lot of time cleaning - including faeces, diarrhoea and vomitus
In addition to the tough physical nature of the work, it can also be very emotionally challenging at times. We have found that, while most volunteers thrive on this work and find immense satisfaction in volunteering with us, it is not for everyone.
If you have any doubts at all as to your ability to cope, it may be better to leave the role to someone else rather than letting a lot of animals down by quitting early! The consequences of not fulfilling your commitment has a negative impact on everyone. To prevent last-minute cancellations, PACS requests a non-refundable deposit of your first months accommodation to secure your place.
If all that hasn’t put you off and you are still determined to join us, then you are just who we are looking for! Please submit the application form and your CV/Resume:
PACS has a limited number of volunteer spaces so please ensure you have stated clear ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates
Quick Questions:
Do you drive car (Stick) or Motorbike?
Do you want onsite accommodation? 2500/4000 THB per month
Please note, if your application is approved, we will require a non refundable payment of your first months accommodation, plus any fees, to secure your place.

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Please summarise below your previous veterinary/nursing experience and/or experience of working with animals and What placement interests you Clinic Assistant / Nurse / Vet Vets: how many neuters / spays / other surgeries this year etc
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Please tell us about your previous travel experiences
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How did you hear about this job?

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