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Terms of Service

- Payment must be made after sketch is confirmed or validated. I will not proceed with rendering until payment has been made.
- Payments are accepted via Paypal and Ko-fi
- Revision requests are allowed, but after several changes, or if change is too large of a request, the artist is allowed to refuse revision. The further back into the process, the less tolerant I will be of revisions. (e.g., if I'm already in rendering stage, I will usually not allow any changes in the pose which should be requested during sketching phase)
- Refrain from asking for sketch revisions after confirming and paying.
- Final files will be sent via email.
- You may use any of the commissioned pieces in any way you wish (for commercial or non) without any hidden* values. If you wish to pay gratitude for commercial use, I do not require it, but you may send me kofis.
*all commercial rights fees are already included in the pricing
- All payments through Paypal will be done via invoice.
- No refunds after payment. Cancellation after sketch (before payment) is allowed, but your sketch will be recycled for personal or future commission use and you will be subject to theft if you use the unpaid sketch.
- Credit me wherever my art is used.
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xanthua is allowed to post wips or finished product

xanthua is allowed to post wips or finished product