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Sparkathon #1

Hey mates,
You have an idea to change the world and want a prototype, for free?
Sparkmate will select 5 startups to join our team for a day and get their prototype built.
The application process is pretty simple, answer a few questions and shoot us a quick video to explain why you believe Sparkathon can help you?
Let's do it!

1/ What's your startup name?

2/ What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Let us know what you're trying to solve, maybe who it affects, and why you (of all people) care so much about it!

3/ What are you going to build to solve this problem?

What's your idea or solution? It's okay if you're not all the way there yet, that's the point of the day 😉

4/ Why you believe Sparkathon can help you?

Upload a video here (or see below to share just a link)

(or just share a link to the video)

5/ And btw, how did you hear about Sparkathon?

Thank you!
We'll get back to you on the week of May 22nd, 2023 with the results.
Cheers from Sparkmate team