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📋 Interactive Growth Plan!

Simply answer these yes/no questions below and scroll down to immediately find actionable ways you can use Floori's software and services to improve your business!

What got you excited about using Floori to improve your business?

How can we help you make more money with Floori?

Answer yes/no to the following questions

Do you do in-home sales?
Do you sell ecommerce?
Do you do door-to-door sales or leave door hangers out?
Do you have a website?
Are you running email/sms automations?
Do you post often on social media?
Does your marketing team use Google Analytics and Tag Manager proficiently to track your customer's journey?
Do you have any printed marketing materials? Ex.: poster, door hanger, business card, yard signs, etc.
Do you do any Home-show or in-person marketing events?
Do you want access to partners that can provide high quality material and equipment at special contractor rates?
Do you wish you had a better site? (animated mockup, 3d banners, LP...
Do you have a steady flow of leads coming in everyday from FB/IG/Google?
If yes to the previous question... Do you wish your ads were better performing?
Are you using a CRM to manager your customers?
Do you have newer ipads on hand? (new ones with the three cameras on the back, +2020)