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Summer on Sunset 2024 - Promotions
How to Participate:
Create an Offer:
Offer a discount (20% or more), free items with purchase, or any special promotion.
Choose one promo for June, July, and August or create different ones for each month.
Submit Your Offer:
Fill out the form below or email your offer to [email protected].
You can upload up to five high-resolution images (jpg, png, pdf, ai, minimum 300 dpi).
We may use some or all of the images you provide.
Your business and offers will be promoted through public relations, e-marketing, social media, and digital advertising.
Use the Summer on Sunset logo (available to download above) and tag @TheSunsetStrip with hashtags: #SummerOnSunset, #SunsetStripSpecials, #SunsetStripSavings, and #SunsetDeals.
Act Fast:
Submit your offer now—it’s free!
For questions, contact Jamie Wilson at (323) 650-2688.
We look forward to seeing you on The Sunset Strip!

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Please provide the details of your special promotion below. This could be a discount of 20% or more, free items with purchases, or a unique promo already integrated into your business model. You can choose to create a single promotion that runs throughout June, July, and August or develop different promotions for each month. Feel free to get creative and craft an enticing offer that will draw customers to your business!

Provide a Disclaimer, if applicable

Submit images to accompany your promotion.

You may upload up to five high-resolution images (minimum 300 dpi) in jpg, png, pdf, or ai formats to accompany your promotion. We reserve the right to use some or all of the images you submit; please submit only images, not documents.

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