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End-user feedback on the State-of-Knowledge document

In the framework of EURAD, a system of Domain Insight (DI) and State-of-Knowledge (SoK) documents is being developed. Each document from this system refers to a predefined Domain in the EURAD Roadmap (GBS) (please find more information about EURAD Roadmap here 
The general goal of DI and SoK documents is to provide direct links for each knowledge Domain to safety and implementation goals related to DGR requirements.

We would kindly ask you to take a moment and answer the following questions (all or individual ones, at your choice), and where necessary, provide a rating on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best).

We would also be pleased to receive your general opinion on the SoK document in free form.
We appreciate your opinion and we will certainly take it into account in the further work.
You can access the summarized results of the end-users’ feedback over the course of 3 months at the EURAD website.
Select the SoK document you would like to comment on from the list
1. Why are you interested in the topic (Theme, Subtheme, Domain)?
2. How are you going to use the information from this SoK document?
3. Does the SoK document meet your expectations (Rate 1-10)? Please state any inconsistencies with your expectations.
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4. Is the structure of the SoK document clear (Rate 1-10)? What adjustments could be made?
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5. Are you satisfied with the SoK document information (Rate 1-10)? Are there any gaps?
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6. Is the length of the SoK document appropriate for the amount of information provided?
7. Can the SoK document be used as a starting point to explore RWM Domain-related issues further (Rate 1-10)? What improvements to the SoK document do you suggest in this context?
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8. Are the links (references) given in the SoK document useful (Rate 1-10)? What improvements do you suggest?
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9. Is the information in the SoK document clear and easy to understand (absence of contradictions, duplications, degree of detailing of various sections) (Rate 1-10)? How can the SoK document be improved in this context?
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10. Is the SoK document harmonized with other DI and SoK documents within this Subtheme, Theme (Rate 1-10)? How do you think harmonization could be improved?
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11. Does the SoK document provide any new insights or ideas that you had not considered before?
12. Does the SoK document provide any actionable steps or recommendations that you can apply in your work?
13. Would you recommend this SoK document to others? Why or why not?
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14. Please, make an assessment of completeness and correctness of the information presentation in the SoK document in general with regard to the overall goal for this Domain.
Your personal information Please note that any personal information provided will remain anonymous unless the respondent chooses to identify themselves.
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What department or area of organisation you are working in?
What is your job title/role within your organisation?
How many years of experience do you have working in RWM?
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