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Tech Roulette Mentor Signup

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor for Tech Roulette!
As a brief recap, Tech Roulette is a beginner-oriented game for students to explore different computer science and technology fields throughout the 8-week summer program. This is a low time commitment from students (under 5 hours per week with optional modules and activities), and it should be an even lower time commitment from you.
As a mentor, you have two major roles:
1) Answer technical questions from students. This includes programming help, debugging help, etc. that might come up from students in our Discord community.
2) Optionally, engage in coffee chats with students. Students often have questions about fields and careers in technology, and we've found that coffee chats can be a great way for them to learn more and hear some great advice. We'll share more details about this as we get closer to Opening Night on Saturday, June 26 at 8:00 PM EST.
Lastly, if you know of any friends or coworkers who would be interested in mentoring students as well, we'd love if you could share this with them!

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