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Gear Tester Application

We are on a quest to create high-performance, practical, and affordable gear that you’ll need for any adventure, but we need your help. We want our gear in your hands to be tested to the limit. You get gear. We get feedback. Who doesn’t love a win-win?!
Please answer these questions below so we can get to know you a little better before sending you gear.

Tell us about yourself

What are your interests/hobbies?

How often do you do that hobby?

What type of gear would you be interested in testing

What type of gear would you be interested in testing

What is a piece of gear that you want/have, but think is overpriced or too hard to get?

How willing are you to engage in the following?

Thouroughly test any gear received
(1) I'll only wear the Squak when all my other clothes are dirty – (10) I'll wear as often as I can for my outdoor excursions
Thoroughly test any gear received
Write a review on gear received
(1) I’ll report the email as spam – (10) I’ll write an essay
Write a review on gear received
Talk up Squak Mountain Co. and the gear testing program with others, including on social media
(1) I have the right to remain silent – (10) Squak Influencer
Talk up Squak, on social media
Join our Strava club
(1) What's Strava? – (10) My mantra is Live, Laugh, Strava
Strava club
Why do you want to join the Squak Flock and become a Gear Tester?
How did you find out about the gear testing program?