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Submit a coffee to the Home Barista Collective

Thanks for contributing to our shared list of coffees. I'm pretty sure someone will browse and try the coffee you're about to submit. Hopefully it will end up in many peoples' lists to spread the joy of good taste even further.
To make it as easy as possible for people to discover it though, it would be great if you could answer as many of the following questions as possible. Thanks again!

Whats the name of the coffee?

It is roasted by...

... and would qualify as one of the following roast types

How would you or the roaster describe the tasting notes?

Okay, the basics are covered. A few more details...

How has the coffee been processed?

What is the origin country and/or area of the coffee?

Who is the producer of the coffee? Where did the cherries grow?

Is there a separate farm / washing station involved in the processing? If so, which one?

Of what variety is the coffee?

... almost done, I promise! As said, fill in what you know. Only the first three questions are required.

At which altitude was the coffee grown?

Which year was it harvested?

Last but now least: Do you have a good quality image of the coffee bag? If yes, please upload it below.

Otherwise feel free to drop a link to the roaster's website below the upload field.
Roaster's website or any other website, where the coffee is displayed.
One last thing: If you want to be tagged as contributor for this coffee on the website, you can drop either your Instagram or Twitter handle below.
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