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“This has changed how I think about work and productivity forever”

Building a startup? Get exclusive pricing and one-to-one support now.

Building a startup is tough (we know), and taking time to find those game-changing moments of inspiration can make all the difference.
It's why we've been proud to help founders and teams from some of the UK's best known startups - as well as companies like DeepMind, Meta, and Google - do their best work.
If you and your team are regular Ashore users - or if you'd like to be - we offer exclusive pricing and one-to-one support to founders and their teams.
It might be having a set cadence of founder and team stays; letting individuals and teams pitch internally for time Ashore; or keeping teams connected all year round (not just at the annual company offsite) - we're always happy to help.
If you're interested in getting early access to our startup programme, just leave your details below, and our team will reach out within the hour.
PS. If you're a founder, check out our Founder Residencies and see if you're eligible to apply for a fully-sponsored Ashore stay.