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πŸ”‘ Polymock: Early access

First of all - we are glad you discovered Polymock!
We are building a browser-native, 3D product presentation platform. Soon, it will be easier than ever to work with 3D assets. To be more specific, we are making it easy for people to configure and render photo-realistic 3D scenes (powered by 3D assets).
Instead of rolling out publicly, we decided to roll out in stages and are opening the door to our platform to a small set of users. This restriction allows us to provide a specialised onboarding, prepare templates for a lot of use-cases and make sure that the platform is tested & ready for our public launch.
We also have free GPU rendering, which allows for super-fast renders, but is very expensive, and prevents us from rolling it out to everyone at this time.
Join early to get a head-start and receive special perks and offers for early contributions.

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