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PACS Veterinarian

Veterinarians are always very welcome visitors, to give some support to PACS’ nurses, especially regarding the care of the In Patients. Vets opinions on cases are always valued, but we would like to advise our visiting vets that there are particular quirks in this environment, and PACS has several protocols in place regarding treatment of particular conditions. You will be amazed at the speed with which these animals can heal from conditions that you would be shocked to see at home.
Surgical help is always appreciated, especially for neutering, but sometimes for amputations or enucleations.
The number of government-planned culls on the island has decreased dramatically in the years since PACS' opening and – with your help – we hope to eliminate them completely. The more animals we neuter, the closer we can get to that goal!
Volunteering as a vet at PACS requires at least 5 years of small animal clinical experience and you must be a confident, competent, experienced surgeon. This is not an appropriate placement for inexperienced veterinarians - if you have less than 5 years of experience, please apply for the Volunteer Nurse position. If you are a veterinary student looking for work experience, please apply for the Clinic Assistant position.
There is a huge variety of beautiful places to stay, from a cliff-face balcony 10 minutes from the main party beach, to a secluded sunset view over the gulf of Thailand. There are excellent water sports, stunning beaches, beautiful hikes and amazing food and culture to enjoy.
If you would like to volunteer at PACS, Please submit the application form and your CV/Resume.
PACS has a limited number of volunteer spaces so please ensure you have stated clear ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates
Quick Questions:
Do you drive car (Stick) or Motorbike?
Do you want onsite accommodation? 2500/4000 THB per month
Please note, if your application is approved, we will require a non refundable payment of your first months accommodation, plus any fees, to secure your place.

Anything else we should know?

Please summarise below your previous veterinary/nursing experience and/or experience of working with animals and What placement interests you Clinic Assistant / Nurse / Vet Vets: how many neuters / spays / other surgeries this year etc
Please state below why you wish to volunteer with us
Please tell us about your previous travel experiences
Please provide 2 referees full names and email addresses

Upload your resume and cover letter

How did you hear about this job?

How did you hear about this job?

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