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Let's talk content strategy!

Hi there 👋

A quick question (or three)..

🤔 Do you have random content ideas flying rogue across your Drive/Notion? 

🤔 Have you already published some content but it doesn’t bring either traffic nor leads and you don’t know how to change that? 

🤔 Or maybe you’ve created the first “visionary” website for investors, but need to make it resonate better with your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP)?

I believe I can help.

👉 If you don’t have content strategy yet, I help you:

- Set a strong marketing foundation by defining or refining your Ideal Customer Profile with customer interviews and Jobs-to-be-done framework
- Brainstorm topic categories and create clusters backed by keyword research
- Come up with topic ideas across your Persona marketing funnel
- Set up content production process with all its SOPs
- Oversee the content creation process for quality and track performance

👉 If you’ve been doing content for a while, but it’s not bringing any results, I help you:

- Analyze its quality and performance and create an immediate improvement plan to drive results from existing content
- Do a keyword research and gap analysis to define content clusters to build your topical authority in
- Analyze your content production process and suggest improvements
- Implement a content distribution plan focusing on your core channel(s)
- Land content partnerships for PR and backlinks

👉 If your B2B SaaS website is feature-focused and people don’t understand it, I help you:

- Understand your ICP via customer interviews and craft a Persona cheatsheet for all your marketing messaging moving forward
- Create a new concept and copy for your homepage that resonates with your customer pain points and motivations

I’m also happy to simply jump on a call to give you 1:1 advice and ideas to elevate your content marketing.
So... tell me a bit about yourself and let's take it from there!

First things first, what's your name?

What's your email address?

What's your company website?

How would you like to work with me?

How would you like to work with me?

What's your "state of content" right now?

What's your "state of content" right now?

Anything else you'd like to add?