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Neo Tokyo Launchpad

Are you a founder looking to take your startup to the next level? Or maybe you're a community member in discussions with a project you think will be a great fit for the NeoTokyo community! Apply now for a chance to secure strategic funding and get access to the immense value add from the Soho House of gaming

Due to the extremely high demand for launching on the Citizen Capital Launchpad, applications will be considered case-by-case and must endure rigorous KYC and Due Diligence processes. Only the best will make it.

Please allow the Citizen Capital team 7-14 working days to consider your application. If an application is approved, a representative of Citizen Capital will reach out to discuss the next steps. Citizen Capital also pays out referral commissions for any projects successfully launched on our platform

Criteria for application:
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Project details

Project name

Project description

What stage of development is the project currently in?

Pitch deck

Roadmap (if not part of pitch deck)

Complete token metrics

Current round

Type of sale


Vesting & cliff

Total round fundraising amount

Remaining allocation in the current round

Previous rounds


Cap table





Submitter Questionnaire

Name or Discord ID (including #0000)

Contact e-mail

What is your relationship with the team behind this project?

Why would this project be a good fit for the Citizen Capital Launchpad?

What makes this opportunity stand out to you as a potential Investor?

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