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Consulting Workshop Interest Form
Hey there!
I've put together this short form to learn a little more about your needs, your team, and your company. The more information you share, the quicker we can get started working together.
After filling out the form you'll be given access to slots on my calendar to book a call. If you have any questions you can email me directly at [email protected]

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What kind of support are you looking for?

What kind of support are you looking for?

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Are the fees aligned with your budget?

Virtual Workshops: Starting at $6k, In-Person: $10k + Travel
Multi-Week/Day Training Cohorts: Customized, but start at $25k/cohort
Coaching: Rates start at $500/hour for presentation coaching and consulting ~$2,500/day
Are the fees aligned with your budget?

Do you have any documents you want to share? (Some potential clients like to share presentations, pitches, or client work that they know they want help on) - Optional

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Thanks for sharing! Submitting will enable you to grab some time on Paul's calendar to discuss further