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All we need is YOU! (Call for Community Champs)

We are inviting passionate testers in the community to join our team and help us move closer to the vision behind Synapse QA. If you enjoy the experience of giving back to the community & helping others grow, this opportunity is for YOU!
For us, #itsallaboutSynapses, and by helping others grow, there will be rewards that come with time! Note: If you just want to be seen or heard or only care about building your own personal brand, this is not for you.
In this two years journey, our 8+ creative, fresh and unique global events are conceptualised successfully only because of the passion, selfless drive and efforts shown by our Synapses. And we want you to join us to help create that unique spark in the testing community.

Why Join Us?

1) Something to challenge you to be a better version of yourself daily.
2) We will constantly help you to thrive for more and step out of your comfort zone, which may bring light on many other testers' lives, too 😊
3) Enhance new skills; you heard it right. All of us at Synapse QA learn things by doing & Synapse QA is one of the most innovative places that will help you to wear multiple hats (design, content creation, building events from scratch, social media, growth marketing, etc.).
4) A chance to work closely with the awesome core team of Synapse QA in making the most innovative ideas a reality.
5) A chance to learn and do things beyond your main workstream, along with other fellow members.
6) Free to think & lead new ideas that could help the community by all means.
7) A chance to build your portfolio while helping many others to build theirs✨
8) Join passionate people behind existing events and have a chance to add more value to them.
9) Be the face of Synapse QA, for us #itsallaboutsyanpses and be proud of what you do.
10) Would love to explore the learning opportunities provided in a year for serious learners and contributors.

What are we looking for from you?

1) Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
2) Person who cares about people and the community.
3) Someone who loves the craft of testing, is passionate, and keeps it closer to heart! Basically, you have to be a #ProudTester.
4) Loves to talk and socialize with people.
5) Knows and respects to fulfil the commitment.
6) Thrives to be an innovative and outside-the-box thinker.
7) Enthusiasm for engaging online communities.
8) Passionate and selfless about giving back to the community with dedication.
9) Can’t settle for less.

Does this sounds something interesting to you?

We are only left with two more steps, submit this form and schedule a discovery call with our beloved founder, Nithin SS, to get to know more about you and us 😊
Before submitting this form, please be sure that you want to join us(100% without doubt) in helping many testers unlock their full potential by revolutionising learning. We will be in touch with you soon as soon as we assess your interest and arrange the discovery call!
If you have any questions to clarify drop us an email to contact[at]synapse-qa[dot]com