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Somatic Experiencing® three-year training program - Application form

The Centre for Inner Development and Joy (Centar za razvoj i radost), in cooperation with the European Association for Somatic Experiencing® organizes a three-year training for practitioners in the period of 2024 - 2026.
Somatic Experiencing® training program is intended for professionals who work with people in different ways and through different modalities and represents important additional knowledge and competencies for working with people who have had traumatic experiences. Somatic Experiencing® as a concept of coping with trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is not a psychotherapeutic or physical-therapeutic direction, but a fundamental concept for understanding, preventing and overcoming the consequences of shock and trauma. Primary focus Somatic Experiencing® training program is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that we can apply in our professional practice even after the initial level of training.
The education programme includes 36 days of training divided into 6 modules, a mandatory number of individual sessions and a mandatory number of hours of supervision with certified teachers and assistants. More information about training can be found here.
The deadline for submission of applications is October 1, 2023.
The number of participants in the training is limited.

This form can be filled out on all devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).
Before you start filling the form, please make sure you have all the necessary documents requested to be added at the end of the questionnaire at hand:
- Short CV (document length: up to one A4 page; file size: up to 10 MB);
- Scanned or photographed confirmation/certificate of attendance for intro SE™ workshop (file size: up to 10 MB)
- Cover letter (document length: up to one A4 page i.e. about 500 words; file size up to 10 MB).

We kindly ask you to fill out the following data:
1. First name and family name
2. Email address
3. Address:
4. Phone number
5. Highest form of formally obtained education level:
6. Professional title/occupation:
7. Areas of specialization:
8. Primary area of work in this moment:
9. Are you focused on supporting/contact with people in your work?
10. How many clients do you see on a weekly basis?
11. Do you feel free to express yourself in English during the training?
12. Did you have a traumatic / exceptionally stressful event in the last year??
13. You understand that SE™ training can trigger traumatic memories and events from the past:
14. Do you have any grievances, complaints or actions pending or upheld against you for misconduct as a professional by any licensing, regulating or associative body?
15. Do you require specific aids or services (please mark what applies to you):
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16. Is it important for us to know some other information about you? (for example, do you suffer from any chronic diseases, are you taking ongoing medical therapy, etc.):
17. Please add short CV with information relevant for this training program with a focus on information about professional experiences in working with people, the most significant training and personal development programs you attended (the length of the document should not go over one A4 page, size of the file should not exceed 10 MB):
18. Add scanned or photographed confirmation / certificate of attending intro SE™ workshop (size of the file: up to 10 MB):
19. Add a short motivational letter about why you want to attend this course (length of the document: up to one A4 page i.e. around 500 words; size of the file up to 10 MB):
I have read and agree with the above statements and submission of this application. I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee my place in the training program and that there is a certain amount of time to process all applications. I understand that once I receive confirmation that my application has been accepted, my place on the training program will only be confirmed once the organizers have received the advance payment and/or the full amount of the price of the first module:
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