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Hardship Membership Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in joining our space! Our Hardship memberships are for makers who are unable to afford an Essential membership without hardship. These plans are subsidized by other memberships as well as our kind donors. As such, they are waitlisted and issued as they become available.
We are also providing free, individual memberships to any volunteer who contributes a monthly average of 8+ hours. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please go to

What is your full name?

What is your email address?

During your membership application, you will perform a background check. Background checks are done by Sterling Volunteers and paid for by the applicant ($39) though that fee is waived if you have used Sterling for a previous check. "Failing" the background check does not mean you will not be a member, just that we cannot issue the membership immediately. Additional conversations will have to take place.

Do you require assistance with the $39 background check fee?