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The Bornless Mythos Content Creator Program

If you're a seeker of knowledge and mysteries, weaving tales of The Bornless universe, we're here to support your creative journey! Before you start filling out the application, make sure that you have read the official Mythos Content Creator overview:
[ BECOMING A MYTHOS CREATOR ] 1 | Requirements We prioritize fun and engaging content above all else in our Mythos Creator Program. Numbers aren't our primary concern. Instead, we value creativity and entertainment. If your content captivates and entertains, you're likely to be accepted and welcomed into our program. 2 | Have I been accepted? Once you have submitted your application, please be on the lookout for an email welcoming you to the program. If you haven't received a response within four days, please check your spam folder just in case. If you still cannot find it, please try searching your inbox for emails from [ YOUR ROLE AS A CREATOR ] 1 | Early Access As a Mythos Creator, you will have access to all playtests and events before the official release of The Bornless. 2 | Discord Recognition Once your application is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to join our Discord Server ( In addition, you will receive instructions on how to claim your unique Mythos Creator role. This role will allow you to participate in a private chat where you can exchange ideas with other creators who share similar interests. Furthermore, you will be given the opportunity to post in the Mythos Forum and receive exclusive updates and announcements specifically crafted for you. 3 | Mythos Maker Summit : Approximately every 6 weeks, we host a Mythos Maker Summit, where we showcase features that are in the early stages of development. During these events, we invite you to vote on upcoming features, such as which pets you'd like to see added. We also host Q&A sessions, providing you—the Mythos Creators, with the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. 4 | Be Part Of The Game As Mythos Creators, you'll have the chance to contribute your talents to enriching the game. Whether through storytelling or voice acting auditions, The Bornless aims to provide numerous opportunities for the Mythos Creators to be part of the game. - As you dive deeper into the shadows of The Bornless universe, remember that your imagination and content-creation prowess will not only enrich our community but also shed light on the mysteries surrounding Farmouth Island.
Thank you for embracing the darkness with us. Together we will #StayUnholy

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