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My Next Electric - The Crash Course

Welcome to our 30-minute crash course!

Thank you for being here. Please review the plan, get your tools ready, and press GO! below.
- Matt Candler, My Next Electric

The plan

How we'll spend 30 minutes:
1. Watch a 3-5 min video (w/dazzling on-air talent and Hollywood production values) 2. Sketch, journal or answer questions based on the video. 3. Repeat 3x.
Agenda: Tight but we can do this! Listen at 1.2-1.5X to gain some time for sketching/journaling.

The tools

1. Device you can type on: You'll need a laptop, chromebook or phone with good internet.
2. Paper and pen: We'll be messy-sketching because it helps our brains learn. And fun. I like sticky notes and Sharpies b/c I can't get too precise.
- Easy mode: Instead of uploading drawings, just describe them.
- Hard mode: Use your phone or laptop camera to upload pix of sketches.

The misc

If you run into trouble: Email me [email protected], or text 5049395932, and I'll do my best to get back in mins or hours during daylight Central US.
Wiki/Virtual textbook: In each video, I'll highlight something you can come back to in our community-wide wiki. You'll get access right after you finish the crash course!
Office hours: I host live office hours every week. When you complete this course, you'll get priority access.