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Athena Founders

1. Give Authentic responses - Don't use ChatGPT or other AI generation tools. All submitted responses are run through AI checkers and generated responses are rejected automatically.
2. Write from personal experience - We want to get to know you. Write about your life, achievements, and business ideas. Share what you learned and more importantly how you applied it to your life and career.
3. Write at least 2 pages - It will be easier for us to know you and help us shortlist you for the program faster. Here are some examples -

Let's start with your personal details

What's the most impressive thing you've achieved in your life / career?

How many books did you read last year (podcasts, courses, articles etc. also count)? What did you learn and how did you apply it to your life?

Can you code? Provide a link to your Github. Tell us about something you built in the past.

Do you have a business idea you are currently working on? How is your product going to be 10x better than alternatives?

Where did you hear about Athena VC?