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The Pier | Goto Nagasaki
"The Pier | Goto Nagasaki" Early Application Discount Campaign

この度は、The Pier | Goto Nagasaki の割引キャンペーンにお申し込みいただきありがとうございます。お申し込みにあたりまして、下記のフォームへの入力にご協力ください。
Thank you for applying for the discount campaign at The Pier | Goto Nagasaki. We kindly ask for your cooperation in filling out the form below for your application.

申し込みフォーム入力 / Application Form Entry

苗字/ Family name

名前/Given Name

メールアドレス / Email address

電話番号 / Phone number

Please select from the following options for which campaign you are applying for:

●キャンペーン第一弾(4月〜6月)/ First Campaign (April to June)
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●キャンペーン第二弾(7月〜9月)/ The first phase of the campaign (July to September).
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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to mention them.?