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Volunteer Jr. UX Interest Form

Do you have an hour or so and want to support emerging UX professionals?
I launched a mentorship program specifically to help Jr. UX people land their first job. The program doesn't teach UX, it helps with the career side.
I'm always looking for volunteers interested in supporting fellow UX folks - whether it's as a guest in the program, or helping on your own time.
Please select which options you're interested in helping with. This does not lock you in or guarantee anything, this is just the initial interest form :) I will reach out via email when an opportunity pops up.

Description of Activities

1. Whiteboard activity: Work with 1-2 people and facilitate a white board exercise. I'll give you all the info you need, you just be there to give feedback and simulate an interview whiteboard exercise. (Must have done these before) Time commitment: 1hr
2. Conduct mock interview/portfolio presentation feedback: Facilitate a mock interview and give them feedback at the end. I'll provide questions. Time commitment: 1hr
3. Give feedback on portfolio: Look over a portfolio on your own time and share feedback to their questions. Time commitment: 30 min
5. Coffee date: Be open to connect with one of my mentees. Time commitment: 30 min - you pick the time
6. Be a guest speaker at a workshop: I'll work with you to set up a workshop or talk on a topic that you're passionate about that helps Jr. UX designers. In the past I've hosted workshops about personal branding, storytelling, portfolio building. Time commitment: 1.5hr