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Demo Arena Application

The Demo Arena will showcase the most innovative products and services from around the globe within the six innovation studios: Software, Hardtech, Sportstech, Healthcare, Ag/Food, and Entrepreneurship. We invite companies from all over the world to apply to demo their groundbreaking products and services. We are looking for a diverse range of products and services that represent the cutting-edge innovative products/services coming from each studio. With that in mind, not all companies who apply to demo will be selected. If selected, there is a cost to participate, but the benefits will be immeasurable. You'll have the opportunity to showcase your product or service to a large audience, network with industry experts, and gain valuable exposure for your brand.

If you have any questions about the Demo Arena, please contact Rally at [email protected].

Demo Selection: Companies selected to participate in the demo arena will be notified via email. Those who apply are not obligated to accept. Those who accept will receive a link to pay and be given next steps on demo space design. Those not selected will be notified. 

Note: Demo Arena is open on Tuesday (8/27) from 10AM - 4PM ET & Wednesday (8/28) from 10AM - 3PM ET.

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