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DAO Suisse Application

We appreciate your interest. We'll start with a few general questions.
What is you main motivation to join DAO Suisse?
What is your field of expertise?
What are your expectations from your involvement with DAO Suisse?
What type of membership would be interesting for you?
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* For Corporates / DAOs the FTE and Treasury thresholds should be understood alternatively, and the higher Yearly Fee will apply.
Which of our working groups would be interesting for you to join?
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How much time could you dedicate to DAO Suisse on a monthly basis? 
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Please provide your first and last name.
Please provide the name of your organization, if you are interested in a non-private membership.
Please provide your email address (ideally the one which you use for Notion).
Please provide your Telegram handle.
Please provide your billing information below.
Please upload a profile picture (for individuals) or a logo (for organizations).