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TWJN is a damn great newsletter.

Get in front of over 6,400 writers, journalists and marketers

Check out these stats ⬇️

→ I'll say it again, that's over 6,400 writers! Open rate around 51 - 53% Click rate is crazy - 11 - 13% Mostly US & UK (plus in Canada, Australia, India etc.)

Okay, you're sold? Now what do you get!?

A featured in the newsletter send every Sunday to 6,400+ writers
→ ✅ You're the sole sponsor in each newsletter → ✅ Your copy, description + link in the Resource of the Week → ✅ Tweet in a thread in a weekly roundup, extra 2,000+ impressions → ✅ Feature in previous issues on the website, for eternity 💀 → Plus I'll help you write the copy. For free!
See some previous issues here, here, and here. Pretty sweet, right 😉

Want to learn more?

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